DF500 Fingerprint Livescan

The DF500 is the smallest and most compact four fingers fingerprint scanner on the market. The device has the function of prompting the user which finger to scan and it is convenient and easy for users to operate; Simple interface information; Automatic segmentation and processing of finger images; Automatic real-time detection of image quality and feedback to the indicator; The image quality meets the certification requirements of the United States FBI on the automatic fingerprint identification system for image quality, and is compatible with the GA certification standards for live fingerprint scan of the Ministry of Public Security.

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    Collection window size: 92 X 79.2 mm
    Active image size: 81.3 X 76.2 mm (3.2 X3.0 in.)
    Rolled fingerprint image size: 40.64X 38.1mm
    Image number of pixels: 1600 X1500 pixels (four fingers image)
                                        800 X 750 (rolled fingerprint image)
    Image resolution: 500DPI±1%
    Image distortion: ≤1%
    Image grayscale: 8 bits 256 grayscale
    Image dynamic range: ≥200 level
    Collection rate: 30 frames/second (single finger rolling acquisition)
                           15 frames/second (four fingers low-resolution preview state)
                           8 frames/second (four fingers normal acquisition)

    Operating temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃
    Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃
    Relative humidity: 10 ~ 90% (non-condensed state)
    Dimensions: 136X 161 X 93mm (L X W X H)
    Computer interface: USB2.0
    Interaction design: LED indicator

    SDK development kit

    Appendix F Specifications  FAP 60,CE,FCC,WHQL

    Appendix F Specifications  FAP 60



    DF500 Livescan  4 - 4- 2,Single,Slap Fingerprint Capture Demo