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  • Company Profile
    Subpixel Technology, with image recognition technology as the core, is committed to identity verification, biometric information recognition, identity information system management,ect.
  • Technical Advantages
    Subpixel has complete algorithm, software and hardware professional teams that have nearly 20 years of relevant experience in the fields of OCR,biometric information collection and recognition, identity verification,etc.The teams are familiar with FBI, STQC, GA, ICAO and other standards and protocols.The products involved in research and development are all over the world.
  • Core Algorithm
    Subpixel Technology has core algorithms and multiple patents with independent intellectual property rights such as image OCR, information recognition in fingerprints, iris, and faces.
  • Service Field
    Subpixel Technology is providing solutions and service widely applied in domestic and foreign government departments, banks, high-speed rail e-tickets, civil aviation, border inspection and other industries.
The company has a number of patents, high-tech enterprises
Company patents and software
  • About US
    Shenzhen Subpixel Technology Co., Ltd., with image recognition technology as the core, is committed to document information identification, biological information identification, identity information system management and other businesses.