DR2000 Full Page Document Reader

The DR2000 is an embedded document reader with a compact size and complete functions. Adopting a new optical path and ultra-thin structure design, the device height is only 95 mm, which is the smallest size among the same products on the market, and it is particularly easy to be embedded in many kinds of devices such as gates, ticket machines, and other self-service. The device can also be used for desktop use.

The DR2000 is a compact full-page document reader with capability of fast and accurate optical character recognition, reading of RFID tags, bar-codes and smart cards, which can meet a variety of security and commercial environments demands.The document reader allows processing OCR and RFID reading in one-step, enabling quickly document images capture in different illumination modes, providing reliable data extraction and document verification.

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    Support electronic passport chip reading, which can read passports, visas and other travel documents that comply with the ICAO DOC 9303 electronic passport international standards.

    Multiple Document Recognition (OCR), Using independent core identification algorithms, can identify card-type or passport-type documents such as ID card, passport, exit-entry permit for travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, residence permit for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents, provinces and cities residence permits, etc.

    Support the second-generation ID card chip reading, with the second-generation ID card reader module, can directly read the information of the second-generation ID chip, can be widely used in many fields in China.

    High-resolution imaging, with a physical resolution of 400DPI, can meet the needs of users for image saving.
    Multiple light sources, visible light for collecting image, infrared light for recognizing image and ultraviolet light for anti-counterfeiting.

    Automatic trigger recognition, can simplify operation training, convenient user operation, faster recognition speed , which is suitable for self-service applications.

    The SDK development kit
         Windows, Android, Linux, Java, C++, C#, JAVA, HTML, OCX.



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